Bear in mind again in Could when archaeologists unearthed the physique of a person who appeared to have been decapitated by an enormous falling stone in the course of the A.D. 79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius that worn out Pompeii? Properly, now there's an replace to the story: The identical archaeologists discovered his cranium intact and now imagine he wasn't decapitated in any respect. [24 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries]

Huh? However have a look at this photograph of a clearly decapitated man!

Right here's the deal: Scientists had already found out, as Micronis reported on the time, that the "decapitated" Pompeii man possible wasn't killed by the large rock that finally turned his de-facto (ahem) gravestone. As a substitute, like many of the hundreds killed at Pompeii, he most likely died from the volcano's pyrocastic stream: a surge of thick, scalding ash that may emerge throughout a volcanic eruption. The mud from that pyroclastic stream finally set in place as a free cement would, which explains Pompeii is so well-preserved.

Right here's a newer instance in motion:

What they didn't know was that the rock that fell on high of him after he died didn't decapitate him and even crush his cranium. As a substitute, the researchers wrote in a press release, his head fell off his physique far more just lately, only a few hundred years in the past.

Right here it’s: In some unspecified time in the future in the course of the 18th or 19th centuries, the researchers wrote within the assertion, somebody occurred to dig a tunnel by way of the ash below the person's last resting place. The tunnel later collapsed below his head and higher torso, which then fell into the opening, separating them from the physique and the stone. The researchers, having now discovered the rest of his stays, report that they continue to be intact.