Hawaii&#zero39;s Kilauea Volcano Spawned a Big, Otherworldly &#zero39;Lava Ball&#zero39;

A darkish, oblate factor drifts serenely on a surging river of lava , apparently resistant to the immense warmth and kinetic power round it. Slowly, it trundles ahead till, simply in entrance of the digital camera, its prow reaches a deep riverbed. There, as if indulging within the show for the sake of the viewer, the black berg cracks open, lewdly spilling its scorching, glowing guts. Pink and warmed-over and glad, it sits in its personal goop for just a few moments, briefly damming up the movement behind it earlier than continuing onward downriver in its gradual, diabolical approach. [Photos: Fiery Lava from Kilauea Volcano Erupts on Hawaii's Big Island]

That beautiful video was captured in Hawaii alongside "fissure no. eight," one of many speedy lava flows to emerge from the continuing Kilauea Volcano eruption. Ikaika Marzo, a local people activist, captured the video and shared it with Hawaii Information Now. Hawaii Information Now reporter shared it on Twitter, the place it went viral:

Hawaii Information Now's report on the unusual formation states that U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) researchers stated the thing was an "accretionary lava ball." A web site created by San Diego State College (SDSU)'s geology division describes accretionary lava balls as objects that type when a tough piece of of strong rock begins to roll alongside the floor of a movement. It grows as surrounding lava sticks to the onerous core in a spiral sample "very similar to snow sticks to a rolling snowball."

When cracked open, they reveal a spiral construction to the rock, in response to SDSU. Sometimes, such lava balls vary from just a few inches to 10 ft huge, SDSU stated.

An accretionary lava ball came to rest on the grass after rolling off the top of a flow from Kilauea Volcano during an earlier eruption on July 23, 1983.
An accretionary lava ball got here to relaxation on the grass after rolling off the highest of a movement from Kilauea Volcano throughout an earlier eruption on July 23, 1983.

Credit score: J.D. Griggs, USGS

It's not clear from the video simply how giant this lava ball was, nevertheless it does seem like bigger than 10 ft. Micronis reached out to USGS with follow-up questions on each this lava ball and the noticed emergence of lava balls on the whole from this eruption, however a number of USGS researchers didn’t return requests for remark.

Initially revealed on Micronis.

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